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50% off sale on squares, except for 12 x 12!
Please call Manny for availability and price quote 1-800-638-7605 Sale prices only available by phone.




Manny's of Denver is excited to announce our close-out sale!

Save 50% on these styles:

MH-5 M-1 M-2
M-5 M-8 M-9
M-15 M-16 M-20
M-27 M-180SBLL M-180GBLL
M-190SBLL M-190GBLL M-190R

Over 84 united inches only - MH-3, M-13, M-14, M-20, and M-191

How do you get the discount? That's easy - just call us! Our numbers are 1-866-307-7605 or 1-303-477-1636, 1-303-861-1763 and 1-800-638-7605. Ask for our 50% close-out pricing and start saving today! 

Have you seen our new showroom? Come visit!

Manny’s of Denver
6330 Washington Street Building 4, Unit 13
Denver, CO. 80216
(303) 477-1636 or (866) 307-7605
(800) 638-7605
Fax: 303-477-1658 or 888-540-5009
Email: mannysofdenver@aol.com
Website: www.mannysofdenver.com

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MANNY'S OF DENVER has an excellent record when it comes to shipping framed paintings. He seldom has a frame damaged in shipping. And now, Manny is offering his shipping system to you! You can buy his corner protectors (patent pending) and ship yourself, or Manny will prepare your framed paintings for shipping and handle everything. Rest easy, knowing your valuable frames and art will arrive safely - when packed and shipped by Manny's of Denver!



Look for the Manny's of Denver Framemobile coming to your area soon! And call Manny today for quick and easy delivery of any frames you want.

Remember, to save a buck, buy from the truck!

Manny's of Denver Questionnaire

Brought to you by Manny Houston

Come and see Manny and tour the Framemobile!


Manny's of Denver announces his Scratch and Dent Frame sale. Get frames 50% off. Call us for details!

Would you like Manny and the Framemobile to come to you? It's as easy as a phone call - just call (800) 638-7605 or 866-307-7605.

If you need a special frame, please call Manny at 800-638-7605 or Floyd at

Click Here For Frame Mobile Stock Sizes!

New From Manny's
Manny's Corner Protectors

They are a great for shipping or storing your frames and paintings. Manny's Corner Protectors are also reusable. If you would like to purchase any of Manny's Corner Protectors, they can be purchased in packages of four (4) sets for $40.00. (If applicable, Shipping and Handling is approximately $10.00) Click Here for purchasing.

Artist Note: Manny’s of Denver is now offering a new size – 12 x 18! See it in the following styles: MH1 – Gold and Silver - $59, MH2 AB Gold Lip - $70, MH3 Gold and Silver - $74, All M23’s gold and Silver - $59

Special note: Watercolor Pastel frames and Floater frames are now available!

Manny's of Denver new Framemobile
If you have any special requests, please call Manny at 1-800-638-7605.

Stock Sizes Of Frames Available On the

5x7    6x8    8x10

6x12    9x12    11x14

8x16    12x16    14x18

10x20    12x24    16x20

18x24    20x24    15x30

22x28     20x30    24x30

24x36    30x40    24x48


Manny’s of Denver
Showroom and Warehouse
6330 North Washington Street, Unit 13
Denver, Colorado  80216
(303) 861-1763-Toll Free (888) 565-7605
Fax (303) 477-1658 Toll Free Fax (888) 540-5009

Please call or Fax us your orders

If you need a special frame, please call Manny at 800-638-7605 or 888-565-7605.

We at Manny's of Denver would like to thank you for your business and the continuation of our relationship.

In order to better serve you, we are proud to announce the M-line by Manny's of Denver.Call us for a price quote!

Orders can be faxed to (303) 477-1658 or (888) 540-5009. Manny says his web prices are for artists, galleries, and people in the trade.

Our normal business hours are 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday and by Appointment Saturday, Sunday or after hours.

We can also be reached 24 hours a day at our Toll Free numbers:
(800) 638-7605 or (888) 565-7605 and (303) 861-1763

You may also reach us by Email. Free Catalog available upon request. We need to alert you to a typographical error in our new catalog. The error is on page 11 in the color sheet of new frames. It should read M180-XC. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you did not receive an updated Page 11 or Page 12, or our revised price sheet and new catalog, please contact us. We will gladly send you our latest information. Artists! Please let us know about your workshops and paintouts!When inquiring about an existing order, please have the Manny's of Denver purchase order (PO) number available. The PO number can be found on the left side of the invoice just beneath the customers address. We now include an estimated shipping date on all orders. Stock frames require 3-4 weeks and non-standard sizes will require 12 weeks. When placing an accelerated order, please give us the deadline when it must be in your or the gallery's possession. As a result of conversations with you regarding the gold finish, we have added a gold touch up kit. You can order this kit or a silver kit immediately through us. Sincerely, Manny's of Denver Manny's of Denver has completed its move to 4400 North Lipan in Denver. Now Available !  Our new gold and silver watercolor frame. 

Sizes available:
Full Sheet - 21 x 29 opening with 4 inch mat
Half Sheet - 14 x 21 opening
Quarter Sheet - 14 x 21 opening
And watch for our new Floater Frame



We at Manny's of Denver are requesting you the customer or potential customer to furnish us with your E-mail address.

Manny Houston



NON-STANDARD SIZES may be ordered with a minimum of TEN of a style, size and finish.
Allow 12 weeks for delivery. Prices effective March 1, 2004. Minimum $8 packing charge.
All frames 30"X36" and larger will be shipped via motor freight, Bax Global or bus. F.O.B. Denver.


All customers must provide a copy of their state resale tax certificate.

Prices are F.O.B. Denver and are subject to change without notice.

Cash, credit card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover), check or pro forma invoice prepayment required before shipping.

Refunds for damaged goods - any defect claims against merchandise must be made within 10 days and returns may be made only with prior authorization of Manny's of Denver. Seller is not responsible for shipping damages. Purchaser is responsible for reporting and initiating damage claims with freight carriers. Please save the carton and packing material for their inspection.

Helpful Hints

Please note that finishes may vary from run to run as all of our finishes are hand applied which enhances the uniqueness of each frame.

Abbreviations for finishes:
ABGL = Antique Black over Red with Gold lip
ABSL = Antique Black over Red with Silver lip
AT = Added Thickness (only)
ATW = Added Thickness and Width
CG = Cami Gold - M-20
CS = Cami Silver - M-20
DG = Dirty Gold
MG = Manny's Gold
MS = Manny's Silver
Discontinued Items

M -3, M -10, M -12, M -22

Styles with New Finishes

MH - 3, M - 13, M - 20

New Items

SM - 13, M - 21, M - 23, M - 24, M - 26, M - 27, M - 28, M - 180, M - 190s, M - 191

Accessories For Frames

Gold and Silver Touch-up
Wire, screw eyes and mirror hangers
Off-sets: 1/2", 3/8", 1/8", plus Spring Clips and Clip-Its

Suggestions for Attaching Frames

Wire attached to either hang horizontally or vertically is 1/3 the length or width of the frame with a 1" gap at the top of the back of the frame.
Example: 27" frame - the wire should be attached at 9"

Additional Suggestions

Stretching of undersized canvas that is too small for the rabbet on frame can sometimes be made to fit by using the following method:

Attach a screw eye to picture frame; run a screw through the eye of the screw eye to attach screw to stretcher.
Example: For size 12x16, an assortment of 8 screw eyes and screws are recommended
[ #211 1/2" Screw eyes + #6 x 1 1/2" Length wood screws ]

For cleaning soiled linen liners, use art gum eraser or loofah sponge.

Suggested Frames for Various Subject Matter
M-2, M-13, M-15, M-16, M-28
M-1, M-2, MH-1, MH-4
M-4, M-20, M-24, M-26, MH-2
M-12, M-13, MH-3, MH-4, MH-5
M-170, M-180, M-190
MH-3, M-26, M-24
M-21, M-23, M-24, M-26, MH-1, MH-4

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Manny's of Denver
4400 North Lipan, Denver, Colorado 80211
Showroom and Warehouse

(303) 861-1763, (800) 638-7605 or (888) 565-7605
Fax: (303) 477-1658 or (888) 540-5009


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